parent association

What is the Parent Association?

The purpose of the Parent Association is to work with the school administration and Board of Trustees in driving the mission of the school, specifically by taking a leadership role in ensuring that every family feels welcome and included in the school community.


Who is a member of the Parent Association?

Every parent or guardian of a MRM student is automatically a member of the Parent Association.


What falls under the "Parent Association" umbrella?

1. Parent Coffee (Monthly; rotating locations)

2. Parent Education Night Host (e.g. Refreshments, setup, cleanup)

3. Parent Social Events

4. Family Support (e.g. Coordinating meals for families with a new baby, etc.)

5. Allergy Safety (e.g. Assisting administration with policies and communication)

6. Teacher Appreciation (e.g. Holiday luncheon)

7. The MRM Parent Forum (our online/email discussion group)

8. And other events or initiatives planned by the Parent Association to further the mission of the school, and ensure that all families feel welcome and included in the school community.


 What are ways I can be involved?

1. Attend Parent Association events and activities.

2. Attend Parent Association Council Meetings.

3. Become a Coordinator for one of the Parent Association projects. (ie. Parent Coffee, Family Support, etc.)

4. Help provide refreshments. (We hope to have different classes help for different events.)

5. Become a Classroom Representative on the Parent Association Council. (We are still looking for one more representative from the Amity Creek Toddler Community and the Chester Creek Primary Environment.)


What is the Parent Association Council then?

The Parent Association Council is made up of two parent representatives from each classroom (four from Elementary). The purpose of the Council is to have a small dedicated group to help organize and plan.  However, all parents are welcome and encouraged to attend the Parent Association Council meetings.


Please contact the Parent Association at to get involved, ask questions or share your thoughts.