Was That Offensive?

Stereotypes, Microaggressions, & Intent vs. Impact

How can we mean well and still cause offense? Sometimes what we intend isn’t how we are experienced. Navigating a diverse world requires an understanding of how we have been conditioned to see, evaluate and respond to each other.

Stereotypes and biases that are conscious and subconscious inform how we make decisions, and often shape how we see people.  Join us as we explore the connections of microaggressions and stereotypes; how implicit bias plays a role; and what we can do to identify and respond to them when they show up.

Through the use of interactive activities, presentation and dialogue, continue on the journey of cultural fluency with a brief review about privilege. The session will introduce some terms, offer specific examples, and provide concrete tools for all of us to become more proactive in working for equity and inclusion at home, at school, and in our communities. Our speakers will also address your questions on helping our children learn to do the same.

Join us for a learning experience exploring what stands in the way of living out the values of inclusiveness and respect that all of us aspire to.    

Saturday, March 2, 2019
9 a.m. –12 p.m.
MRM Cafeteria

Free & Open to all in the MRM Community
MRM Students 6th Grade and Up especially welcome to attend

RSVP recommended: email
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Our Speakers


Carl Crawford was selected by Mayor Emily Larson as Duluth’s Human Rights Officer in July 2016, after having served as Lake Superior College’s Intercultural Center Coordinator since 2007. As Human Rights Officer, Crawford is charged with enforcing City and state human rights laws and works to ensure City services are accessible to all people without discrimination. In addition, the Human Rights Officer also serves as the Equal Opportunity Representative for the City of Duluth and the ADA Coordinator, responsible for enforcement of policies against discrimination and harassment, diversifying the workforce and promoting accessibility for all residents.

 Crawford brings a deep history of community involvement and human rights work to the position, including helping to draft Duluth’s original Human Rights Ordinance, serving as past chair of the Human Rights Commission, and being a founding board member of the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial.

In addition, Crawford has served on numerous boards, including those of Community Action Duluth, Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce, Woodland Hills, Men as Peacemakers, the Ordean Foundation, SOAR, NAACP, and American Cancer Society. He is the recipient of the 2012 MLK Jr. Drum Major for Peace Award, is active with the Family Freedom School of Duluth, and is a longtime youth and high school basketball coach.


Nam Provost serves as the Diversity and Inclusion Manager for the Minneapolis Institute of Art, where she guides a number of equity initiatives at the museum. Prior to that, Nam was a partner and co-founder of Cultural Fluency Associates, which helps organizations develop and meet inclusion goals. In this work, she created and led training sessions for leaders in education, healthcare, nonprofits, and government, leaders who often described the experience as transformative.

She earned an MBA in Leadership and Change from the College of St. Scholastica. Nam also served for seven years as the college’s Director of Diversity and Inclusion, and then its Director of Inclusive Excellence and Title IX Coordinator. There, she helped fuel a cultural shift inside the college, through award-winning diversity and inclusion leadership programs and strategies for effecting organizational change.

Through more than a dozen years in the field, she has taught diversity and inclusion courses, empowering the next generation of leaders to be more culturally fluent in a changing world.