Spanish: From Toddler to 8th Grade

Spanish-language education is integrated into Many Rivers Montessori’s program in different ways, depending on each age group’s developmental needs. For our youngest Toddler learners, the focus is on exposure. Upon graduation from the MRM Middle School, students will have covered material equivalent to the first year of high school Spanish.

Toddler Community (16 months through 3 years old)

The opportunity to participate in Spanish is offered to the toddlers two mornings each week. During this time, the Spanish teacher comes into the room to sing songs, name objects, and speak Spanish to the toddlers.

Children’s House (3 years old – Kindergarten year)

Spanish instruction for Children's House is integrated into the lunch period four times each week. Through informal, authentic interactions between teacher and children, the following topics are addressed:

  • Basic vocabulary

  • Cultural topics

  • Holiday celebrations

  • Songs, games and dances

  • Food

Elementary (1st through 6th Grade)

The emphasis on the Elementary I (1st through 3rd) level is on developing listening, pronunciation and early reading and writing skills.  By Elementary II (4th through 6th), the students are exploring grammatical concepts and reading and writing longer pieces. Use of songs, poems and the geography and history of Spanish-speaking Latin and South America are part of each week’s work in Spanish.

  • Pronunciation and listening skills

  • Basic vocabulary

  • Simple verbs and beginning conjugations

  • Parts of speech

  • Poem and fable recitation

  • Construct and read simple sentences and stories

  • Geography of Spanish –speaking countries

  • Holidays and other celebrations

  • Noun-adjective agreement

  • Idioms

  • Ties with American history

  • Short articles from Spanish texts

Middle School (7th and 8th Grade)

At the Middle School level, the students begin a formal study of Spanish grammar, covering the equivalent of a first year high school curriculum over the course of two years.  The textbook/online resource Pearson-Realize is used, with homework entailing written and spoken assignments. There are weekly spelling and grammar quizzes, and students complete homework assigned after every class period.  Daily (4x per week) lesson work is incorporated into projects throughout the year. These can include fashion runway presentations; a substantial composition in Spanish based on a Spanish film; visual displays of Spanish speaking countries; skits; publicity brochures; and oral presentation. The program for the 2018–2019 year also includes a four day trip to Concordia Language Villages for a four-day immersive experience. As a vehicle for exploring the culture and diversity of Latin American countries, an international art fair will be the 2018–2019 year-end project, to be displayed for the entire MRM community.